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Military History - The Third Reich - Military Structure
The Third Reich - Military Structure
This section includes the campaigns & battles of German forces on all fronts (particularly Waffen-SS Divisions),  unit & divisional histories plus personnel & lists of ranks etc.
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by Sergio Corbatti and Marco Nova

French text with English photograph captions. An extensively illustrated history of the Anti Partizan operations of the Karstwehr-Batallion, SS-24.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division. The Karstjager mountain division was composed mainly of Austrian, Italian and Spanish soldiers. The book covers their engagements in Slovenia and Northern Italy and features more than 1,000 photos plus eyewitness accounts from veterans, organization charts and profiles.

2009, Editions Heimdal, , 9782840482567,< F-02>,Large format, 399pp, c1000 b/w & colour photos, illustrations & maps, New in illustrated boards, Fr.text,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 26845-01..............................£40.00 

by W J K Davies

A unique assembly of basic information on the activities, formations, weapons, organisation, tactics and equipment of the Wermacht in WWII with Special sections on the Waffen SS and the Afrika Korps.

1974, Book Club Edition, , ,< F-02>,176pp 100 + b/w illustrations, photos, maps, diagrams, tables, good in chipped and ragged d/w. Tape marks at fep. spine faded., ,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 22392-02..............................£6.00 

by Roger Edwards

A comprehensive study of the Fallschirmjager, the elite WWII parachute forces of the Third Reich. The book details their uniforms, weapons, equipment, training, organisation, operations, unit histories, personalities and campaigns. With a foreword by Colonel General Kurt Student who commanded the Falschirmjager.

1974, Macdonald & Janes, 1st edition, 0356045765,< F-02>,160pp, 100 illustrations, maps, Good in d/w, ,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 13307-02..............................£6.00 

by Heinz Ertel and Richard Schulte-Kossens

An extensive photo record of the European volunteers who served with or alongside the Waffen SS. The authors look at the legions of non-Germans, including Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, Dutch, Latvian, Finnish, Croatian, Albanian and Russian Divisions. With approximately 600 black and white photos, as well as colour illustrations of unit insignia and recruiting posters at the front and back endpapers, this volume is a must for those interested in the non-German formations of the Third Reich. English/German text.

1986, Munin Verlag Gmbh., , 3921242630,< F-02>,Large format, 310pp, circa 600 b/w photos and colour illustrations , very good in d/w, Eng/Ger.text,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 6024-01..............................£59.00 

by Charles Foley

The WWII exploits of Otto Skorzeny, the SS Commando who planned and implemented the Rescue of Mussolini and kidnapped Miklós Horthy, regent of Hungary. He also organised special attacks on the Nijmegen Bridges and led special forces in the Ardennes offensive.

1954, Longmans Green, , ,< F-02>,xii + 232pp, ills, index, First edition Dustjacket faded and worn. Light foxing on page edges., ,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 11088-07..............................£9.00 

by Óscar González

An account of Fallschirmjäger operations in Denmark and Norway, April to June 1940. The German conquest presents an interesting study of joint strategy between ground, air, and sea forces, placing great emphasis on mobility, speed and surprise. The Fallschirmjäger was a well-trained, highly-motivated force, and their participation in Operation “Weserübung” is this subject of this book. Among the topics discussed are operations against the Danish and Norwegian bridges and aerodromes, the jump on Dombås, behind enemy lines, and also their tenacious resistance on the snow-covered grounds of Narvik.

2009, Schiffer Publications, , 9780764332418,< F-02>,192pp, 160 + colour & b/w illustrations, New in d/w, ,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 35556-01..............................£37.50 

by Werner Gosel and Editor Christian Bauermeister

New from publisher. The story of Werner Gosel and Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 244. Stalingrad, Kursk and Bobruisk are names synonymous with untold suffering and death, and the men of Stug.Abt.244 fought at each of them. Werner Gosel was deployed as a dispatch rider during Operation Barbarossa and after being trained as an officer, he returned to the front and was wounded during the opening stages of the Stalingrad battle. After recovering, he served with Sturmgeschütz-Batterie 395, but with the reorganisation of Stug.Abt.244 in early 1943, Gosel was recalled to his old unit and participated in the Battle of Kursk and the subsequent retreat. His tenure as adjutant from August 1943 onward provides an insight into the working methods of an assault gun battalion. In summer 1944, now a battery commander, Gosel was captured during a break-out attempt from the Bobruisk pocket. He returned from Soviet captivity five years later to post-war East Germany. This volume which is jointly edited by Jason Mark, is profusely illustrated and has three appendices, including the battalion's full war diary from 1943 plus a comprehensive lists of medal winners.

2016, Leaping Horseman Books, , 9780992274924,< F-02>,492pp, 249 b/w photos, 17 maps, New in illustrated boards, ,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 37268-01..............................£59.00 

by G S Graber

Fading on dust wrapper, some light foxing on top edge. The career of Heinrich Himmler and the SS organisation he commanded. From the components of Adolf Hitler's bodyguard he created the Reich Security Service with Heydrich as its Chief. They ran the Concentration and Extermination Camps charged with providing the "Final Solution". He raised the Waffen SS to a vast army which controlled large areas of the Third Reich and its economy. Hardcover edition - also available in softcover.

1978, Robert Hale Ltd, , 0709169175,< F-02>,228pp, photos, good in dw, ,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 4858-02..............................£3.00 

by Heinrich Graf von Einsiedel

A collection of rare, contemporary colour photos from the personal collection of three German soldiers of the 6th Army. They illustrate the early German campaign on the Eastern Front and the drive to Stalingrad.

1984, Sidgwick and Jackson, , 0283992913,< F-02>,192pp, 150 col photos, large format, Good in creased card covers, , CARD
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 23050-03..............................£6.00 

by Helmut Gunther

This volume documents the final combats of the 17. SS Panzer-Grenadier-Division Gotz von Berlichingen from mid-March to beginning of May 1945. Decimated and exhausted, outnumbered and outgunned, and always under Allied air attacks, its soldiers fought and retreated repeatedly to the next defensive position. The desolate trail led through the Saar into the Westwall, which was penetrated easily. They defended at the Gemersheim Bridgehead, in the Oden Forest, and in The Crailsheim Pocket, and finally resisted bitterly in the street of Nürnberg. The remnants retreated southeast to the Tyrol, where they surrendered to US troops at Lake Achen.

2020, J J Fedorowicz, , 9781927332153,< F-02>,480pp, 167 photos. 14 maps, 20 documents, new in illustrated boards, ,
Subject...The Third Reich - Military Structure
Web No. 38119-01..............................£54.00 

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