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Military History - Early Warfare - General Section

Early Warfare - General Section
The history of warfare from Greek & Roman conflicts, the Crusades & Medieval
 & Elizabethan times to the Jacobite Rebellions

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by John D. Grainger

The period covered in this book is well known for its epic battles and grand campaigns of territorial conquest, but Hellenistic monarchies, Carthaginians and the rapacious Roman Republic were scarcely less active at sea. Huge resources were poured into maintaining fleets not only as symbols of prestige but as means of projecting real military power across the Mediterranean arena. Taking the period between Alexander the Great's conquests and the Battle of Actium, John Grainger analyses the developments in naval technology and tactics, the uses and limitations of sea power and the differing strategies of the various powers.

2011, Pen & Sword, , 9781848841611,< A-01>,206pp, 9 maps, 24 b/w illustrations, Good in plastic covered d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34276-01..............................£9.00 

by John D. Grainger

Indentation from rubbed out previous owner name on endpaper. Underlining on one page and d/w flap. Egypt was the last of the Macedonian Successor states to be swallowed up by Roman expansion. Cleopatra’s famous love affair with Marc Antony ensured she was on the wrong side of the Roman civil war between him and Octavian (later to become Caesar Augustus). After the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra at the naval battle of Actium, Octavian swiftly brought Egypt under direct Roman control. Judaea was a constant source of trouble for the Romans and they were content to rule through client kings like the infamous Herod but were increasingly sucked in to direct military involvement to suppress religiously-inspired revolts.

2013, Pen & Sword, , 9781848848238,< A-01>,206pp, 18 colour & b/w illustrations, 7 maps, Good in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34914-01..............................£6.00 

by John D. Grainger

Small stain on page edges. By the early second century BC, Israel had long been under the rule of the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire. The policy of deliberate Hellenization and suppression of Jewish religious practices by Antiochus IV sparked a revolt in 167 BC which was initially led by Judah Maccabee and later by his brothers and their descendants. Relying on guerrilla tactics, the growing insurrection repeatedly took on the sophisticated might of the Seleucid army, eventually establishing the Maccabees as the Hasmonean Dynasty of rulers of Israel. Internal disputes weakened the revived state, however, and it eventually fell victim to the Romans who replaced the Seleucids as the local superpower.

2012, Pen & Sword, , 9781848844759,< A-01>,189pp, 19 colour photos, 4 maps, Good in plastic d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34680-01..............................£6.00 

by Peter Green

A well illustrated study of the famous Macedonian General - his campaigns and battles from the first triumph at Chaeronea to the last great victory in India.

1973, Book Club Associates, , ,< A-01>,272pp, 48 col plates, 150 b/w ills, maps, Good in slightly creased d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 25645-01..............................£6.00 

by General Sir John Hackett Editor

A well illustrated study on warfare in the Ancient World. Includes contributions by Watkins, Wiseman, Lazenby, Sekunda, and Connolly on the Assyrians, Hoplites, Persians, Alexander the Great, the Greeks, the Roman Army -in the early period & its development in the Age of Polybius, the Later Republican and Imperial period. Looks at tactics, weapons, battles, leaders etc. Features a selection of colour reconstructions covering the whole range of classical warfare including crucial battles and sieges, cavalry and infantry formations

1989, Sidgwick and Jackson, , 0283995912,< A-01>,256pp, 20 col plates, 26 col photos, 78 b/w photos, 76 maps & drawings, Good in spine faded d/w , ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 11293-02..............................£6.00 

by Tom Holland

In 480 BC, Xerxes, the King of Persia, led an invasion of Greece. Its success should have been a formality as, in the space of a single generation, the Persians had swept across the Near East to form an empire which stretched from India to the Aegean. Yet astonishingly, against the largest expeditionary force ever assembled, the Greeks managed to hold out and the Persians were turned back.

2005, Little Brown & Co, , 0316731021,< A-01>,418pp, 34 colour & b/w illustrations, maps, Card covers rubbed at edges. Good., , CARD
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 32991-02..............................£6.00 

by Ian Hughes

Signs of use, text clean and unmarked, dustjacket in plastic cover added by previous owner. A military history of the campaigns of Belisarius, the greatest general of the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian. He twice defeated the Persians and retook North Africa from the Vandals in a single year at the age of 29, before going on to regain Spain and Italy from the barbarians. The author discusses the evolution from classical Roman to Byzantine armies and systems of warfare, as well as those of their chief enemies, the Persians, Goths and Vandals, reassesses Belisarius's generalship and compares him with the likes of Caesar, Alexander and Hannibal.

2009, Pen & Sword, , 9781844158331,< A-01>,272pp, 15 line drawings, 33 b/w photos & illustrations, 27 maps, very good in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34239-01..............................£18.00 

by Ian Hughes

Valentinian, Valens and the Disaster at Adrianople. Valentian was proclaimed Roman Emperor in AD 364, when the Empire was reeling from the disastrous defeat and death in battle of Julian the Apostate (363) and the short reign of his murdered successor, Jovian (364). With the Empire weakened and vulnerable to a victorious Persia in the East and opportunistic Germanic tribes along the Rhine, not to mention rebellions within, it was not an enviable position. Valentian decided the responsibility had to be divided and appointed his brother as his co-emperor to rule the eastern half of the Empire. Valens is most remembered for his mistreatment of the Goths who sought refuge within the Empire's borders from the westward-moving Huns. This led to his death at the Battle of Adrianople in 378.

2013, Pen & Sword, , 9781848844179,< A-01>,282pp, 31 b/w illustrations, 40 maps, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34975-01..............................£25.00 

by Ian Hughes

text clean. Plastic cover added to d/w by previous owner. Following the death of the emperor Theodosius the Great in AD 395, the Western Empire was finally giving way under pressure from external threats, especially from Germanic tribes crossing the Rhine and Danube, and from internal revolts and rebellions. The author explains how a Vandal (Stilicho had a Vandal father and Roman mother) came to be given almost total control of the Western Empire and describes his attempts to save both the Empire and even Rome itself from the attacks of Alaric the Goth and other barbarian invaders. With a foreword by Adrian Goldsworthy.

2010, Pen & Sword, , 9781844159697,< A-01>,282pp, 36 b/w photos, 11 b/w illustrations, 22 maps, good in plastic covered d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34209-01..............................£30.00 

by Peter Inker

In 52 BC at Alesia in what is now Burgundy in France, Julius Caesar pulled off one of his great feats of arms. His heavily outnumbered army utterly defeated the combined forces of the Gallic tribes led by Vercingetorix and completed the Roman conquest of Gaul. The Alesia campaign, and the epic siege in which it culminated, was one of Caesar's finest military achievements, and it has fascinated historians ever since. This first full-length study reconstructs the battle in graphic detail, combining ancient and modern sources and evidence derived from archaeological research. The author questions common assumptions about the campaign, reassesses Caesar's own account of events, and looks again at aspects of the battle that have been debated or misunderstood.

2008, Pen & Sword, , 9781844156757,< A-01>,166pp, 33 illustrations, 7 maps, Good in plastic covered d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 36505-01..............................£6.00 

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