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13th June, 2020



by Mat Irvine 

Model-making is centuries old, but the introduction of polystyrene, a stable plastic, in the mid 20th century, provided the opportunity to make the plastic construction kit available to the amateur model-maker. Nearly 70 years later, despite suffering from ups-and-downs, the vibrant plastic model-making scene has grown tremendously and is now a world-wide hobby. This manual takes the reader through how modern model kits are designed and manufactured, how the scale is decided upon, as well as providing advice on model-building tools and techniques. The down-to-earth text, complemented by numerous photographs, provides details of the ideal workshop set-up for building models.

New in illutrated boards - Large format, large format, 188pp, c900 colour photos

Haynes, 2019
ISBN 9781785215551

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                                             USAF F-4 PHANTOM II MIG KILLERS 1965-68

by Peter E. Davies. illustrated by Jim Laurier

The USAF introduced the F-4 Phantom II into Vietnam in April 1965 from Ubon RTAB, Thailand. It replaced the previously unsuccsessful F-100 Super Sabre in the MiGCAP role. The F-4C/D soon became the Air Force's principal fighter over the North, destroying 85 MiGs by the close of 1968. This book describes how the USAF turned a gunless naval interceptor into an opponent to the more nimble VPAF MiGs. It explains how the Air Force gradually followed US Navy initiatives in the use of the F-4's missile armament but employed very different tactics and aircrew training. The roles of key personalities such as Col. Robin Olds are discussed, together with armament and markings, crews and engagements.

New in card cover - A4 format, 96pp, 9 colour plates, 16 colour photos, b/w photos

Osprey, 2004
ISBN 9781841766560

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                                            USAF F-4 PHANTOM II MIG KILLERS 1972-73

by Peter E. Davies. illustrated by Jim Laurier

The F-4 Phantom II was the USAF workhorse fighter-bomber for the Linebacker campaign, which eventually saw US forces withdraw from Vietnam in 1973. This book covers the attacks on numerous targets in North Vietnamese cities such as Hanoi and Haiphong, as well as its engagements with Vietnamese MiG-19s and MiG-21s. The USAF's only ace crew, Steve Ritchie and Chuck DeBellvue, who scored their five kills during 1972, is also covered in the book which contains many detailed photographs, a large proportion of which haven't been published before.

New in card cover - A4 format, 96pp, 9 colour plates, 17 colour photos, b/w photos

 Osprey, 2005
ISBN 9781841766577

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by Peter G. Dancey

Air Chief Marshal Philip Bennet Joubert de la Ferte, the Commander-in-Chief of Coastal Command in the early war years, knew that technical advance was the only way to contain the U-Boat menace. The author describes the role played by Bletchley Park in de-crypting German codes and U-Boat operational instructions. He details the development of ASV and the Leigh Light for night operations and documents the deployment of new heavy calibre weapons and depth-charges plus the American Mk 24 Acoustic Homing Torpedo.  .

New in card cover - A4 format,
146pp, numerous b/w illustrations

Galago, 2002
ISBN 0946995753

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AIR MINIATURES NO.16: 475 FG, 1943-1945

by Andre R. Zbiegniewski 

A series of beautifully produced, card covered monographs from Poland, for modellers and aviation enthusiasts, featuring well known WWII aircraft and units. This volume includes twelve high quality color plates of various Lockheed P-38 Lightnings operated in the Pacific Theater by 475th Fighter Group, US Army Air Force. Also includes a set of photo-etched, brass cockpit parts in 1:72 and 1:48 scale.

 Polish/English text

New in card cover - A4 format, 112pp,
12 color plates & 75 + b/w photos

Kagero, Poland, 2003
ISBN 8389088509 

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by Alan K. Wildman

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