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Pick of the Week

        18th November, 2017



 by Lee Archer & Darren Neely

The Panzerwrecks series features destroyed, surrendered and abandoned German armour of 1944-45. Each landscape volume contains numerous large format, rare black and white photographs plus colour artwork. This volume includes: How do you convert a Panther into a pepperpot? Why was a US Navy doctor taking photos of Panzers? What unique emblem was painted on a Jagdtiger? Which Panzer was left outside the monastery at Wiebrechtshausen? What British unit used a Sturmgeschutz as an ARV? The answers to these and other questions are to be found here.

New in card cover - Landscape format, 96pp, 128 b/w photos, 5 colour plates

PanzerWrecks, 2017
ISBN 9781908032171

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