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by Bruce Ware Allen

The Epic Battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of St. John. In the spring of 1565, a massive fleet of Ottoman ships descended on Malta, centrally located between North Africa and Sicily, headquarters of the Knights of St. John and their Grand Master, Jean de Valette. The Knights had been expelled from Rhodes by the Ottoman sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, and now stood as the last bastion against a Muslim invasion of Sicily, southern Italy, and beyond. The siege force of Turks, Arabs, and Barbary corsairs from across the Muslim world outnumbered the defenders of Malta many times over.

2015, ForeEdge (Univ. of N.Eng), , 9781611687651,< A-01>,325pp, 19 b/w illustrations & maps, New in d/w , ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 37167-01..............................£29.00 

by Jeff Champion

Plutarch described Antigonus the One Eyed (382-301 BC) 'as 'the oldest and greatest of Alexander's successors,' Antigonus loyally served both Philip II and Alexander the Great as they converted Macedonia into an empire stretching from India to Greece. After Alexander's death, Antigonus, governor of the obscure province of Phrygia, seemed one of the least likely of his commanders to seize the dead king's inheritance. Yet within eight years of the king's passing, through a combination of military skill and political shrewdness, he had conquered the Asian portion of the empire.

2014, Pen & Sword, , 9781783030422,< A-01>,235pp, 6 maps, 9 battle plans, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 36651-01..............................£19.99 

by Adrian Coombs-Hoar

The Roman Defeat at Adrianopolis, AD 378. In AD376 Goths, seeking refuge from the Huns, sought admittance to the Eastern Roman Empire. Emperor Valens took the decision to grant them entry, hoping to utilize them for his campaigns against Persia. The Goths had been providing warriors to Roman armies for decades, however mistreatment by Roman officials led them to take up arms against their hosts. The resultant battle near Adrianopolis in AD378, in which Valens lost his life, was one of the most significant defeats suffered by Rome.

2015, Pen & Sword, , 9781781590881,< A-01>,180pp, 6 maps & diagrams, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 36792-01..............................£19.99 

by Marc G. DeSantis

The Defeat of Carthaginian Seapower and the Forging of the Roman Empire. The Punic Wars, especially the first, were characterized by massive naval battles. The Romans did not possess a navy of their own when war broke out between them and the Carthaginians in 264 B.C. Prior to that, the Romans had relied upon several South Italian Greek cities to provide ships to serve with the legions. The Romans used a captured galley as a model, and constructed hundreds of copies. They used this new navy to wrench maritime superiority from the Carthaginians, most notably at the Battle of Ecnomus.

2016, Pen & Sword, , 9781473826984,< A-01>,253pp, b/w illustrations, battle plans maps, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 37164-01..............................£19.99 

by Richard Evans

While conquering Greece and Macedonia the Romans defeated an intervention by the Seleucid Empire. Soon Roman armies crossed to Asia where they faced the Seleucids, one of the most sophisticated armies of the ancient world, evolved from Alexander the Great's all-conquering war machine with the exotic additions of elephants, scythed chariots, heavily armoured cataphract cavalry and a formidable navy. The Romans defeated them at the epic battle of Magnesia in 190 BC, but this, allowed other states to come to the fore, most notably Pontus, led by Mithridates VI, and Armenia.

2011, Pen & Sword, , 9781844159710,< A-01>,152pp, 14 colour illustrations, 8 maps, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34911-01..............................£19.99 

by Nic Fields

With the death of Nero by his own shaky hand, the ill-sorted, ill-starred Iulio-Claudian dynasty came to an ignominious end, and Rome was up for the taking. This was 9 June, AD 68. The following year, commonly known as the 'Year of the Four Emperors', was probably one of Rome's worst. Nero's death threw up a critical question. How could a new man occupy the vacant throne in Rome and establish a new dynasty? This situation had never arisen before, since in all previous successions the new emperor had some relation to his predecessor, but the psychotic and paranoid Nero had done away with any eligible relatives.

2014, Pen & Sword, , 9781781591888,< A-01>,240pp, 25 photos & illustrations, OOB, 3 maps, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 36582-01..............................£25.00 

by Nic Fields

The third in the Roman Conquests series briefly covers Rome's first forays into the dark continent during the First and Second Punic Wars, then covers in detail her vindictive final conquest and destruction of Carthage in the Third Punic War. The subsequent long wars against the slippery Numidian prince, Jugurtha, which tested the Roman military system to the limit, also occupy a central place. With a cast of characters including Hannibal, the Scipios, Marius, Sulla and the wily Jugurtha, the book clearly explains how the Romans coped with formidable new foes and the challenges of unfamiliar terrain and climate. Colour plates bring the main troop types vividly to life in meticulously-researched detail.

2010, Pen & Sword, , 9781844159703,< A-01>,192pp, 8 maps, 13 colour photos & plates, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 36530-01..............................£19.99 

by Dr. Nic Fields

The war between Caesar and Pompey was one of the defining moments in Roman history. The clash between these great generals gripped the attention of their contemporaries and it has fascinated historians ever since. These powerful men were among the dominant personalities of their age, and their struggle for supremacy divided Rome. In this original and perceptive study Nic Fields explores the complex, often brutal world of Roman politics and the lethal rivalry of Caesar and Pompey that grew out of it.

2008, Pen & Sword, , 9781844158300,< A-01>,238pp, 16 illustrations, 3 maps, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 34502-01..............................£19.99 

by Alexander Filjushkin

Ivan was the first Russian ruler to invade Europe and his Campaigns against the Livonian Confederation were initially successful. In 1558, Russia occupied Dorpat and Narva, and laid siege to Reval. At the Battle of Ergema the Russians defeated the knights of the Livonian Order, fuelling Ivan's dreams of a Russian Empire. However, as Erik XIV of Sweden recaptured Reval, and the Poles joined forces with the Lithuannians, the war began to turn against Ivan. This new book describes the organisation and equipment of the Tsar's army and the forces of his enemies.

2008, Frontline Books, , 9781848325043,< A-01>,306pp, 25 b/w & 23 colour photos & illustrations, numerous b/w drawings , New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 35393-01..............................£25.00 

by Lee Fratantuono

The Battle of Actium was possibly the most significant military engagement in Roman history. The naval forces of Octavian clashed with those of Antony and Cleopatra off the coast of western Greece. The victory Octavian enjoyed that day set the state for forty-four years of what would come to be known as the Augustan Peace, and was in no small way the dawn of the Roman Empire. Professor Lee Fratantuono presents a compelling and solidly documented account of what took place in the waters off the promontory of Leucas in late August and early September of 31 B.C.

2016, Pen & Sword, , 9781473847149,< A-01>,194pp, 2 maps, New in d/w, ,
Subject...Early Warfare
Web No. 37158-01..............................£19.99 

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